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Default Was Tyson taking Roids/PEDs when he was a Kid or is there another explanation?

Mike Tyson, the youngest ever heavyweight champion, but how was this achieved?

Curious thing about Tyson is when Cus first laid eyes on him as a twelve year old, he was already around 190lbs and 5'9" all muscle.

So how does a poor underprivileged 12 year old get that physique?

A couple years earlier, Tyson, was small little kid that use to get bullied and beating up by older boys, and used to run and hide in wall cavities because he was so scared in getting beaten up.

2 year later, he is mugging old ladies, knocking their teeth out, but only old ladies as he too scared to take on anyone else.

But from 12 to 18 Tyson ony grows an inch and puts on 10lbs.

Doesn't anyone else find this strange?

He supposedly puts on 100 lbs in a few years before ****rty, then from 12-18 he only puts on a 10th of that gain, when the rest of the human race put on their size.

And to top it all, Tyson now at the age of 45 is now around 180lbs, 20lbs lighter than he was at 12 years old.

Is there anyone else smaller in there 40s that they were at 12?

Something is not right here, so what is it?

Poll Coming!!!!

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