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Default Re: The way Cotto turned Out after beating mosely before margarito

Originally Posted by D4thincarnation View Post
Well compare how Alvarez did against Gomez and Cotto.

Cotto had a lot more swagger about him and an aura of invincibility.

And I'm OK, and I feel I can take on anyone now after beating a great champion like Mosley are worlds apart.
Alvarez did just as well as Cotto did again Gomez. Gomez never won a round or one second in either fight.

"swagger" you like Miguel more power to you but every top level fighter than fought Gomez has the I can beat the world swagger, because they are getting easy work and a payday.

To me after the Zab and Mosley fight Cotto wasn't the same as he was at 140, I think he realized his power wasn't what it was at 140 and he couldn't take the shots well at 147. Which is why I think he started to abandon the body punching he used to be known for.
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