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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by orriray59 View Post
I think you're giving Marv a bit too much credit there, mate. I honestly couldn't envision giving the Marvelous one seven rounds, as much as I love him. After scoring this bout I ended up with a 114-114 result. Dead even.

Hagler truly and utterly ****ed himself in the first couple of rounds by not doing enough work and turning orthodox. If he'd just fought his ass off from the start, it was very much a winnable fight.
I see where you are coming from, but what I find questioning is how you cannot conceive giving Hagler 7 rounds, when you yourself gave him 6. Is it really that hard to envision myself scoring 7 rounds to Marvin, when you had 1 round fewer for him?

The first 2 rounds and the 6th were absolutely Leonard's rounds, the 11th was close, but I felt Ray did enough to convincingly take it. Beyond that it was all smoke and mirrors from Sugar Ray, and it didn't help that everyone in that arena not only bought it all hook, line & sinker but that they all wanted Ray's comeback to be a success. Hagler despite giving away the first 2 rounds (something to which I still don't understand why he did it) put in his usual workman like performance. Landed the clearly harder shots, stunning and even hurting Ray on a few occasions. Marvin's shots were moving Leonard, while nothing Ray ever did had any effect on Hagler. What never really gets talked about is, for all Ray's flashy flurry attacks, the vast majority was either blocked by Hagler or missed altogether. The nostalgia of seeing Ray do his thing (no matter how ineffective) and spectacle of it all (the movement and speed shoe-shining) is what was scored.

I favor Hagler's work, and that Ray's offense was largely ineffective, over The Sugar Ray show, in which the same thing happened in the Hearns rematch. Unless you're gonna tell me that was really a draw, and Tommy wasn't gypped out of his victory and redemption.
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