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Originally Posted by D4thincarnation View Post
So you are saying Ward is not a dirty fighter, and has never used dirty tactic's intentional elbow or headbutts on a opponent.

We know McClellan could not deal with Benn, Golovkin, has big power like Benn, a better chin then Benn, and better skills, though he lacks Benn's agrression and heart, but who has that?

Hard too see how McClellan could beat Triple G, punch him and hopefully he goes down?

What happens when he doesn't?

Game over G-Man
how many Golvkins fights have you seen against elite fighters?
Originally Posted by edgejs View Post
He was pure scum. Why the **** is my post discraceful. Karmas a ***** and he got what he deserved.
cause you are a piece of **** for posting that,maybe you will get into a wreck and get brain damage so you can see how it feels
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