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Default Re: Buakaw Banchamek to meet Manny Pacquiao in the Ring

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
Even if it's light training, it's still experience. It's likely he sparred and learned the basics during downtime since he did spend a lot of time in Thailand. If you can actually prove Pac NEVER trained in MT at any point in his life, fine, no biggy. I never claimed it was indisputable. But I wouldn't call it an urban myth; it sounds more like a reasonable possibility. As for an MMA match, if I'm not mistaken Buakaw has been KOed before by punches and all it takes is for MP to land one of his signature shots to get him out of there. But I'd still put my money on Buakaw to win although I would not be shocked to see Pac get the KO.
Fair enough Gyll, sure it’s no biggy and I really don’t wanna ding dong over this & of course I can’t prove Manny never kicked a few pads or threw a few knees, but the scenario you describe is highly unlikely. Manny’s only fought in Thailand twice, once in the South and once just outside BKK. He’s been there on a few promotional trips and probably a few holidays but this idea he’s spent lots of time in BKK training, doesn’t make sense. And if Manny “learned the basics (of MT) in downtime” with a few short sessions on the pads then he’s the most a natural born fighter since Achilles…. I mean come on, can I learn the basics of BJJ or the sweet science in a few snatched sessions on the pads and bags? And in Thailand you know what fighters do when they have “downtime”, they sleep………they sleep a lot.

There are very little Muay Sakon or boxing trainers, sparring partners and dedicated facilities available to Thai western styled boxers, they cut a lonely path next to their Muay Thai brethren, often training in the same gym at the same time, but very often on their own alongside their gym mates. Possible 3 days a week he’ll join in with sparring which is usually only hands in Muay Thai gyms (with feet nad knees it’s technical sparring almost zero contact tapping with no shin guards or gloves, the emphasis is on accuracy, speed and correct technique, too much contact equals injury, equals loss of a payday). The exception to this is when they get snapped up by the few dedicated boxing gyms or get the chance to train with at Thai amateur boxing teams facilities like Pongsaklek does. My point being, he’d never have “sparred Muay Thai” to any great degree and I doubt he would have even trained with MT guys at the same time. In reality he was probably invited to train in either the Galaxy or Redbull gym for his pre-fight build up or even government facilities, that picture of the Muay Thai institute in Rangsit looks like a publicity stunt to me as RJJ says.

Interms of the MMA thing and Manny’s one punch power of course that’s possible, but one could equally argue Manny’s never tasted a good knee, elbow or kick so I wouldn’t be surprised with a Buakaw stoppage, TKO by low kick, TKO by elbow or KO by kick.

The thing is when they do have this amatuer boxing "show" Buakaw's probabaly gonna get schooled nad look very clumsy. I imagine that's how Manny would look in Buakaw's world of full on striking.

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Yeah this is the one on the tv show in thailand. I dont mean this. 8:02 has a quick scene(I guess thats where the pic comes from)

Really has no one else seen the vid I am talking about with pac kicking pads?
Great clip.

Manny and Jinkee in better times. Maybe that's where all the affairs strarted aftereating those insect at the floating market......

By the way that's not Thai TV that's Filipino TV.
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