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Default Re: Fantasy martial arts fight: Buakaw vs Bruce Lee

Originally Posted by Primenal View Post
I'm not picking Bruce Lee, and obviously nobody is as good as there movies. However, people don't give him any credit. Obviously he was fast, trained very hard, was a great athlete, etc. I'm sure if he trained for MMA, kickboxing, etc competitively he could have excelled at it and based on his athletism could have won some fights.
I found it very interesting how Sergio Martinez says he spars only 40 rounds for a fight, and he's ranked P4P #3 as well. Martinez uses other drills, and visualization to make up for the actual fighting. This is Bruce lee's ideals as well. So to completely write this guy off as simply an actor, giving no credit to his dedication, athletism, training, etc is a bit narrow minded. I don't think he steps in the octagon and beats many wrestlers his size, but his style wasn't made for the UFC at any rate. Made for street fighting, and I'd take bruce lee over most 150 pound guys on the street. If a 150 pounder hits the bag for a few weeks, and eats semi healthy he's got a big advantage over 150 pound joe blow walking the streets.
I get you're point, but Bruce gets slot of love nad credit credit. I'm a massive fan of Bruce. When we watch a big K1 show, a big MMA show or a great Martial arts flick, that's Bruce's legacy. He took the martial arts and kicked them from the shadows into the main stream. For that we will always owe the guy a massive debt and have dreams of what may have been.......

However, we're not talking about a 150lbs no body, were talking about a celebrated striking veteran of over two hundred full contact bouts on the toughest and most competitive striking circuit in the world, a guy who from the age of 8 had been bred to do one thing only and that's to put his elbow into the back of your head..... We're talking about the great white lotus Buakaw.

The trouble for Bruce in mythical match up with aguy like Buakaw is Buakaw has proved it time and time again but Bruce never did, it's all hypothetical with him. Who knows if he had competed more in a sports enviroment he may have been a fighting legend, but then again he may not have been, we'll never know.

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