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Default Re: Lewis-McCall I Revisited - was it a fair stoppage?

Originally Posted by Beatle View Post
I think Lennox has the most disgraceful chin of all the HW champions.
1- Your mom have a disgraceful ******.


Lennox Lewis was only caught by one punches from people he under estimated.

A bad chin does not survive.

Andrew Golota- Razer Ruddock- David Tua- Gary Mason (100% KO ratio 35-0)
One punch Ko Tyson (Who had the time still had 1 punch power beyond belief) Michael Grant, Vitali Klithscko.

Lewis fought more punchers than the vast majority of the heavyweight division.

Lennox Lewis
The sheer amount of big punchers Lennox fought during his career is
mind bloggingly impressive.

Prime Razer Ruddock- Inventor of the smash, a punch that can kill. Ducked by everyone in his division other then Tyson. Took Tyson to the deep end.

Prime Tommy Morrison- Mr KO Artist.

Prime Andrew Golota

Prime Shannon Briggs

FoughtGary Mason as a 15 fight novice. Basically a kid version of Lewis fought this huge puncher who had a 100%+ KO Ratio.

Frank Bruno

Close to Prime David Tua

Prime Michael Grant

PRIME Dr IRON FIST himself. Mr SUPER KO Artist. Vitali the KO Artist KOitschko.

Prime Rahman (knocked him out 2nd fight)

and last of all Past Prime Mike Tyson.

But get this. Yes, Mike was shot, and yes Mike was slow after R1. BUT power is what guys?

Power is what? POWER IS THE LAST THING TO GO. Always. Tyson still had his amazing one punch KO Power. So he still counted as a massive puncher.
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