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Default Re: The way Cotto turned Out after beating mosely before margarito

Originally Posted by SweetHome_Bama View Post
Actually cotto didn't look good after the judah fight. See I can say that too. LOL.

I'm just giving my personal observations.
I think Cotto has been in decline for a long time.
I think it is sad that people think he is "back" after winning at best 4 rounds against Mayweather, the same amount Oscar won in his fight with Floyd at 154.

I will feel equally bad for the Cotto fans when they are shocked at the ease Trout UDs and hurts Cotto.

well if that's the case then cotto had a big change from right after he beat mosley. By the time he faced judah i believe he had a much better jab and started to use it. He's looked good against mosley and urkal. The only reason you'd say he's on a decline is because he's been the bigger guy at 140. 147 is his best weight, his chin isnt as shaky, his power is still good, he can bully guys but had to box at times. He's faced guys worse than gomez and has never been that way.
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