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Default Re: My first fight - comment/slatings welcome!!

Good first fight. Looked great for someone who had only been sparring 4 months.
If you don't mind my asking - who won?
You certainly had the cleaner technique, he had nothing but a height & reach advantage. His footwork and defense were non-existent. A tall guy who leaves his hands down and puts his chin up when you attack is just BEGGING for an overhand right. This should be part of any short-ish, fighter's ****nal. I'm 5"8 and it's the punch I land most often (even against similar sized opponents).
And I know about adrenaline taking over. I've had 5 fights so far and I still get carried away most times. I'm 10 times better in regular sparring. I think most novices go through this. Having said that, you looked relatively composed.
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