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Default Re: Why Mayweather beats Sergio Martinez

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
Review the tape and watch how much Ortiz was making Mayweather miss. Don't get me wrong, Mayweather landed some eye catching right hands, but Ortiz isn't exactly the most reactive fighter, and he managed to make Floyd miss much more than usual, especially as the fight went on. Perhaps, Floyd found it hard to get up for that fight, but it could also be a sign of decline.

Sergio is an anticipating counterpuncher with a lot of experience and foot speed.

If Floyd doesn't open up first, he'll give Sergio too much time to operate and he'll break down Floyd with lefts to the body, and to the face.

If Sergio is just completely weight drained and a shell of himself, Floyd has a chance, but if the Sergio showed up that fought Chavez, I think he KOs Floyd.

Floyd is not going to take this fight. He could make a lot of money, more than he would with anyone else aside from Pacquaio and maybe Canelo, but he's also more dangerous that Pacquaio and Canelo.

I will say that Canelo does pose some problems and as he gains more experience and Floyd gets older, the fight outcome shifts in his favor.

Right now, it's close to 50/50 as it is.

But against Sergio, again, I think Floyd gets knocked out.

I believe he'll fight Berto after he beats K-9.
Floyd was not sharp at all. Ortiz was showing very little head movement in that fight. His timing, especially on his hook was way off.
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