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Default Re: Rickson vs Sakuraba = Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Dont get me wrong Rek, I love and respect me some Rickson. But your post is about context, which I dont disagree. I just cant get the image of Rickson stalking wrestlers with his hands down as chin up higher than Dana's TRT levels when thinking about this match up.

That's why I said the fight would be 50/50. Chimba goes on about the Goodridge fight, but Gary had what, at least 40 lbs on Marco at the time. Marco outclasses Gracie as much on the feet as Rickson does anyone (cue the Kimbo jokes..)on the ground

As I said, Rickson stayed well within his comfort zone back in the day, this is a competitive fight imo. Ruas fought a much more varied type of fighter, though arguably equally inactive against the top tier of the day. What Im trying to say, losses and all, Ruas resume is more meaningful, which of course you said so yourself
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