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Default Re: Overly-muscled boxers

ok, to make this clear - we're all sounding like re****s to a degree, considering 85% dont specialize in this field, and another 14% THINKS they do. I guess the other possible 1% will specialize...

Supporting Brikhaus - its rather common knowledge that the MORE lean muscle you have, more energy/oxygen it is required to support those active functions. If this was NOT the case, we'd have a bunch of hurking big fighters out there. Understand, that'd be good for a 3-5 round sport, but this is a 10-12 round sport at the apex.

Dealt With covers this a bit, but its not about MORE, but about adapting the muscles to the function. Great example are endurance athletes (marathon runners/bicyclists), you definitely have a HIGH amount of endurance, with low muscle mass, for a multitude of reasons. Whatever the case, rarely do you see MORE muscle mass vs LESS muscle mass winning those races requiring a high amount of endurance.

Professional road cycling can be compared to boxing. Theres different type of cyclists suited or different type of feats/jobs. You have skinny man A who has massively big legs. These are the sprinters, they flail in the climbs/hills. But they generate alot of burst power to finish races in the flat races. You have skinny man B who has skinny legs. These are generally the climbers, they flail in the flat races, cuz they cannot generate alot of burst power thats needed. But they can do a high amount of repetition on a very low gear setting to continuously and climb a hill. (ok, this is a bad generalization and i acknowledge there are prob about 5-8 types of racers)

You can compare this to the physicality of boxers in general. Big powerful brutish guys are good for burst power and damage but only for a few rounds. Where leaner built fighters can go for 12 rounds fairly. Most seem to go as lean as they can, while tryiing to maintain a vast degree of their power. Depending on one's weight, they may look to bulk up more of course.
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