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Default Re: Overly-muscled boxers

Originally Posted by aramini View Post
When you have been hit by a variety of guys, you realize very quickly that there is practically NO correlation between muscular appearance and actual punching power. Low body fat might be an indication of relative fitness for that individual, and a short stocky guy might very well be hard to push around, but you can get KTFO by a guy that looks like sugar ray leonard or Erik Morales and laugh as a guy that resembles prime Mosley or Bradley (but not the real Mosley, of course) has punches that just bounce off you.
Aye, body make-up can be VERY DECEIVING. Just because a guy looks big, doesnt means he's actually powerful. And sometimes he's much weaker than expected. And vice versa. Skinny guys can have hidden power, aka "wirey". Thomas Hearns. Athletically gifted.

A good many times ive wrestled guys bigger and stronger-looking than me, and end up just manhandling them on the ground. Same thing in wrist-wrestling...
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