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Default Re: Rickson vs Sakuraba = Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
Another thing you have to remember is that Rickson is a BJJ practitioner first, and I don't mean sport bjj. Rickson is not trying to win rounds, and he isn't going to be interested in competing in something that would allow for separations due to inactivity. Rickson wants to use his family's art to finish a fight. He doesn't care about winning a decision under today's rules. Watch Rickson's fight with Funaki. Rickson got the clinch on Funaki within seconds, and they remained in the corner jockeying for position for over 8 minutes. They would have been separated in 30 seconds under today's rules. That means Rickson would have to close the distance way more often under the mma rules of today as opposed to the rule that he fought under.

I think Rickson would probably have some ko losses under today's rules. He would be forced to close the distance far more often than he is accustomed to doing, and opens himself up to strikes the more times he has to close the distance. Someone would eventually catch him with a hard shot and finish him.

I still think that Rickson is the most lethal, one on one, fighting machine I've ever seen.
Good post. Even though Rickson ducked Saku, and Sakuraba most definitely would have given Rickson all the rules he wanted had they fought, I like how you broke down how "pure" bjj technique would fare in todays MMA athletic comission sanctioned climate.

One thing that stood out to me when Rickson fought Funaki was the way Rickson was on his back and dealt with the kicks to his legs from Funaki.

The other Gracie's had no answer to Sakuraba's leg kicks, but Rickson's answer to Funakis kicks was very impressive and made me think maybe he could have dealt with Sakuraba. Maybe even quite easily as far as those leg kicks go.
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