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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Chavez-Taylor I

First I'm going to post just my scorecard, then a full and in-depth round by round summary. Sorry if it goes on too long, I think I got carried away.

10-9 19-19
9-10 28-29
9-10 37-39
9-10 46-49
9-10 55-59
9-10 64-69
9-10 73-79
9-10 82-89
10-9 92-98
10-10 102-108

Round 1: 10-9 Taylor

Taylor comes out in the round a little stiff and full of nervous energy, which you can see in the way he moves his feet and throws his jab a second too soon, with Chavez still out of range. He takes the first :45-1:00 calming down and getting comfortable. Chavez only manages to land 2 noteworthy punches in that time, a lead right and little leaping left hook. Around the 1 minute mark Taylor settles in and begins responding to Chavez' attempts to close the distance, and begins mixing up what he's doing, moving in and out more fluidly, making Chavez miss while Taylor keeps him off balance. Chavez largely stops throwing, letting Taylor take the round by default as he jabs, lands lead left hooks, etc. Chavez starts trying to come alive at the end but too little too late, Taylor has won the round.

Round 2: 10-9 Chavez. Total: 19-19.

Taylor starts the round with a good lead right as Chavez tries to come in. Chavez is trying to close the distance, first by jabbing his way in, then by trying a right hand counter over a Taylor jab, but Taylor is dancing away from everything. Taylor isn't landing anything though as he dances, almost everything is falling short or missing as Chavez bobs and weaves while trying to come in. About a minute in Chavez lands his first good punch, the straight right of a 1-2 that lands solidly. Taylor attempts to flurry with 2 or 3 punches twice, but again almost everything misses. You get the feeling that Chavez is unprepared for how difficult it is to get close to Taylor, while Taylor is surprised that he's missing Chavez so much.

Chavez gets close and manages to land a decent left hook, Taylor backs away and lands a good jab, but a second later Chavez does one his favorites moves and walks in behind a lead right, finally chest to chest with Taylor. It only lasts for a second, as Taylor crouches and lands 2 lefts to the body, Chavez backs off a step rather than let Taylor rack up the points.

The two trade lefts in close, then both land good rights, Taylor's slightly better. They trade some jabs before Chavez gets close enough to hit Taylor with an inside right when Taylor drops his left inside. Taylor backs off and lands some good jabs, but Chavez lands a left hook and another inside right when Taylor's left is low. More jabs are exchanged, Taylor keeps going to the body when Chavez is in close. Taylor lands a light combination, Chavez launches a wide but effective left hook. He then walks in behind his lead right again, and when Taylor doesn't react quickly enough Chavez hits him another one of those inside rights, and this time it seems to effect Taylor because he needs to get his balance afterward. Taylor tries a 1-2 and gets caught with a tight left hook. Chavez finishes strong by landing a good right over a Taylor jab and a strong jab.

Good round for Chavez, but he has two major problems at this point: he can basically only land one punch at a time, (not good for an accumulation puncher, as Chavez is at 140) and when he gets close Taylor consistently lands to the body, so Chavez either needs to lets Taylor score points while Chavez picks his spots or he has to break off to keep Taylor's fast hands from stealing the limelight.

Round 3: 10-9 Taylor. 29-28 Taylor total.

Taylor comes out quick, trying to score early with jabs and left hooks. Not much lands before Taylor slips while Chavez tries to work up close. Taylor lands a left hook as Chavez comes in, moves back, and tries it again, but this time it's blocked and he eats a Chavez hook. Taylor responds with a combination of hooks to the body and the head, when Chavez tries to come forward to respond Taylor lets loose about half a dozen jabs and straight rights, some of which land well, some are glancing, and in the meantime he moves around the one punch Chavez tries to land.

Chavez tries to get close again, and they both trade left hooks. Chavez comes in again and tries to go back to the inside right hand that worked so well in round two, but Taylor leans away and it glances off the back of his head. Taylor lands a glancing 1-2 as Chavez comes in and they trade body punches inside, Taylor winning 2 to 1, but then Chavez lands two straight rights, the second one a solid blow as Taylor goes for a right of his own that never lands.

After another exchange inside Taylor goes back fighting at distance and keeping Chavez at the end of his jab. Much of the rest of the round is spent with Taylor frustrating Chavez at long range, Chavez occasionally gets in close and lands a punch at a time, but Taylor flurries every time, and Chavez isn't landing as effectively or often as the previous round. While it's not a blowout round, Taylor has done more work, landed more, and controlled the ring more.

Round 4: 10-9 Taylor. 39-37 Taylor total.

This is the point where Taylor starts taking over the fight. Taylor keeps Chavez at arm's length with his jab throughout much of the round, ocassionally catching Julio as he tries to close, occasionally surprising Julio by attacking first, which forces Julio to back away, and then he has to reset and attempt to get close all over again.

Through the first minute, Chavez only lands 2 punches, a right that glances off Taylor's ear and a good jab. Throughout the rest of the round Taylor is firmly in charge, and Chavez is forced to accept that he can only get close occasionally, and on not all of those occasions can he be effective. All too often Taylor's head moves to the side of Chavez' punches or beyond his reach when he throw, and Taylor is often scoring with combinations of 2 or 3 punches at a time. Taylor's round all the way.

Round 5: 10-9 Taylor. 49-46 total.

The previous round seems to have either given a new burst of energy or confidence to Taylor, because he starts the 5th bouncing, eager to get out, and although he eats a decent Chavez hook the first time they gets close Taylor responds with punches of his own, then dodges Julio's attempts to strike back. Taylor begins controlling even most of the inside exchanges, landing 2 and then either taking one or dodging the return fire.

Taylor maybe becomes too encouraged by his success in close because he spends most of the round locked chest to chest with Chavez, and eventually, superb infighter that he is, Chavez begins to land. While Taylor seems to be getting the better of it due to rapid fire fisticuffs, Chavez has moments of his own, including when he lands a combination of left and right hooks for the first time in the fight, and then a moment later a big left hook that knocks Taylor's head back and maybe wobbles him just the slightest bit.

Taylor continues staying locked in close, and Chavez has probably the most success yet working on the inside. Taylor probably wins the round due to early dominance and activity, but this round is a microcosm of the overall fight: Taylor's early dominance and handspeed is winning on the cards of the judges, but in allowing Chavez to remain at close range Taylor is letting him do effective damage that will tell later.

Round 6: 10-9 Taylor. 59-55 Taylor total.

This round starts with Taylor fighting how he should, moving backwards, jabbing Chavez, picking his spots where his superior handspeed gives him the edge. Chavez spends the early portion of this round trying to finally unload his body assault, and lands several lefts to the body while Taylor flurries to the body and head.

Taylor lands a good 1-2, Chavez responds with a left hook that is partially blocked, Taylor responds with a flurry that either misses or is partially blocked. Chavez tries his trick with the inside right over Taylor's lowered left again, but Taylor is already moving away and the punch hits nothing but air. Taylor circles, keeping Chavez at arm's distance or beyond. Chavez is reduced again to attempting one punch at a time, and Taylor is dodging most of those.

They trade jabs a few times, Chavez landing more solidly. Chavez manages to land a lunging lead right, but can't capitalize much on it. Taylor jabs and circles, jabs and circles, and keeps Chavez missing when Chavez tries to attack. Chavez manages another left to the body, but it's not too hard a punch and Taylor lands to the head at the same time. When Julio gets close Taylor lands an uppercut-hook combo, then a second later he winds up with his right and lands a straight laser of a right on Julio, a few seconds later when Chavez gets close and starts to set, Taylor hits him with a lead left hook and moves away before Chavez can react. Chavez begins lunging more and more towards the end of the round, but because Taylor is circling all the time twice Julio's momentum carries him right past Taylor.
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