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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Round 7: 10-9 Taylor. 69-64 Taylor total.

Fast round. They repeatedly trade shots to the body, Meldrick lands a couple of wicked left hooks to the head and a few uppercuts on the inside. Chavez gets in his own good work with sneak right hands, some left hooks (a few are decent, but most are arm punches) but it's almost entirely overshadowed by Taylor. Chavez has some success to the body and with a left to the body left to the head, but Taylor snaps his head back with an uppercut.

Taylor's round, but blood is now pouring freely from his nose, and Taylor is visibly swelling.

Round 8: 10-9 Taylor. 79-73 Taylor total.

Lou Duva is late to leave the ring at the start of the round, trying to control the flow of blood from Taylor's nose. Chavez lands a decent left to the body early and a light left to the head, Taylor responds with a very nice overhand right. Taylor lands an uppercut-hook combo and a few jabs, then a good jab that knocks Chavez' head around, Julio looks mad at himself for getting caught with it. They promptly trade rights and exchange inside.

Chavez tries a new tactic, he tries staying away from Taylor and trying to catch Taylor by surprise when he suddenly and unpredictably comes forward throwing. It works once or twice, but whether it's successful or not Taylor is consistently catching him with double left hooks and straight rights. Chavez lands a straight right a few seconds before the bell, but it's Taylor's round again.

Round 9: 10-9 Taylor. 89-82 Taylor total.

Panic in Chavez' corner between rounds, they know the fight is slipping away. Chavez looks stoic and determined as ever. Taylor tries to seize control early by immediately launching a straight right that passes along the side of Chavez' head. They trade back and forth at close range, Taylor landing more and flashier shots, Chavez landing harder ones.

Taylor spends nearly the entire round in a phone booth fight with Chavez, and for the first time since round 5 Chavez has a chance to land multiple punches instead of one or at most two at a time. Taylor has a slight edge in terms of activity/punches landed, but Chavez is doing significant damage and for the first time Taylor's strength seems to be leaving him.

Round 10: 10-9 Chavez. 98-92 Taylor total.

Taylor again comes out to make a statement early, landing first a good 1-2 then an uppercut-hook combo. Chavez misses the sole punch he tries to respond with. Taylor doesn't stay away for long, he's too tired to dance or jab and circle. They get in close and Chavez lands a few good hooks and an uppercut, Taylor responds with a furious flurry, including a big left hook and straight right. Chavez comes forward and eats a 1-2, Taylor suddenly seems rejuvenated and keeps throwing punches, not landing many but keeping Chavez on the defensive. As soon as Taylor stops, however, Chavez calmly walks in and lands little rights and lefts.

Chavez begins landing multiple short rights and left hooks, Taylor answers back. That's the pattern for the rest of the round, as the two trade punches relentlessly. Taylor stubbornly hangs in on the inside with Chavez, answering almost everything Chavez hits him with. Taylor's legs are looking weaker and weaker, but his heart is staying strong. Chavez begins hitting Taylor with bone jarring lefts and rights, Taylor digs deep to land a good uppercut and several good left hooks in the final 30 seconds. Well fought round by both men, I can understand anyone scoring the round for Taylor since he started strong and did his best to keep the rest of the round even, but Chavez inflicted more damage and had Taylor wobbly and hurt in the mid and late sections of the round. Taylor looks tired and dazed at the end of the round.

Round 11: 10-10. !08-102 Taylor total.

Taylor comes out looking slightly energized again, starting out faster and sharper than he finished the last round, although it'll only last for a minute and 15 seconds or so. Taylor lands several good jabs and a hard uppercut on the inside, but Chavez keeps coming forward and lands hard rights and lefts of his own. Chavez no longer has any issue getting inside, staying there, or landing combinations on Taylor. Taylor tries to answer back every time Chavez lands a decent punch. Chavez hits him to the body, he comes back to the head, Chavez hits him to the head, he throws left hooks to Chavez' body.

Taylor keeps leaning in on Chavez though, no longer able to dance, and needing support to keep him going. It's not a good place to be against Chavez. Taylor is successful for awhile, landing and foiling Chavez, but Chavez starts catching him with hard left hooks and then a BIG right hand as Taylor is in the middle of throwing. Taylor comes back with two punches, after a couple of seconds Chavez does his left hook to the body and hard left hook to the head combination. They continue exchanging, taking rest, then exchanging more throughout the round, Chavez landing a couple of good short uppercuts that jostle Taylor's head towards the end. Taylor is disoriented and woozy at the end of the round.

Round 12: Chavez TKO Taylor.

Taylor's weariness shows early in the round, as his knees nearly buckle and his balance almost deserts him twice in the opening 30 seconds, once after a left hook from Chavez, once as Taylor comes forward behind a lead right. Taylor briefly looks sharper as he jabs and trades hooks with Chavez, but when he falls to the floor after missing a wild left that comes nowhere Chavez, it shows just how tired and battered he is.

Still, Taylor is moving and throwing just enough to keep Chavez off or upset his rhythm, several times is seems like Chavez has him lined up for a good shot but Taylor happens to throw at the same time and disrupts the punch. Chavez lands several decent straight rights through the start and middle of the round, but he's missing too often, and you could be forgiven if, after the first 1:50, you didn't think Chavez could get to Taylor.

Then with about a minute left Chavez connects first with a good left hook, then a straight right. Chavez immediately comes back with a 1-2, then a solid left hook that impacts Taylor hard on the jaw. Taylor tries to taunt Chavez by pretending to buckle, but Chavez is not put off in the slightest by the bravado and continues the attack.

Twice more he catches Taylor with solid left hooks, and when Taylor tries to flurry, he eats a big straight right as well. Taylor follows after Chavez, throwing 1-2s, trying to fight his way through to the end. Chavez snakes a right over a Taylor jab, and then comes the beginning of the end: as both fighter go to throw, Chavez catches Taylor with a monster 1-2 that buckles Taylor, and it's only by sheer heart and force of will that Taylor stays up. Chavez steps in to continue with more straight punches and a left to the body, and Taylor half runs, half staggers toward Chavez.

Chavez retreats backwards to the corner, then steps to the side as he hits Taylor with a hook and, just as Taylor did to him earlier, lets Taylor's own momentum carry him into the ropes, and worse yet, the corner. Nowhere to go, Taylor takes some half hooks/half uppercuts, then Chavez lands the crashing right that sends him down. Taylor drags himself up, but stares blankly at Richard Steele when twice asked if he's ok. Steele waves the fight off, and Chavez is the owner of the most remarkable and controversial comeback in boxing history.

I won't say anything about whether the stoppage was good or bad except this: when Larry Merchant went to interview Taylor in the ring afterward, Taylor swore up and down that Steele ended the fight without doing a count or asking Taylor if he was ok.
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