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Default Re: More likely? Marquez brutally Ko'ing Khan or outbox him?

Originally Posted by D4thincarnation View Post
How many years/fight later.
About the same time if he had fought Khan. The TR-GBP beef had just begun, so JMM wouldn't have got the fight any sooner. He still would have had to leave GBP to land Pacquiao. Honestly, beating an Amir Khan wouldn't have made that much difference. Certainly not enough to warrant the risk of taking him on. Like I said, he [Khan] wasn't significant enough.

Originally Posted by D4thincarnation View Post
And it was the fact that Khan was Pacquiao's stablemate which would have been boosting the sales.

Fans eat that stuff up, revenge and that stuff.
Fans wouldn't have cared about JMM beating his stablemate. They were still hot off JMM beating Pacquiao himself. The story/history was already there. It didn't need the 'beat his gym mate' twist to it.
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