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Default Re: More likely? Marquez brutally Ko'ing Khan or outbox him?

Originally Posted by JohnAnthony View Post
personally khan could out box him and overwhelm him the same way he was doing it to Barrera and Garcia.

With Maquez having a chance of countering and KO'ing Khan. Although Marquez doesn't hit as hard as garcia.
Come on, JA.

JMM's the best counterpuncher in the businesss (outside of Mayweather). He'd have more than a chance. Khan is predictable, comes in and out in straight lines, doesn't vary his attacks, fights at one pace, etc. He'll get away with that stuff -- due to his workrate and speed -- against good/decent counterpunchers. But elite ones like Mayweather and JMM? Nah. He'd begin being countered from the opening bell. And if JMM can find him that easily, he won't need to hit as hard as Garcia to get the stoppage. Never underestimate the danger of pin-point accuracy and timing.
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