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Default Re: Rate these fighters: Tszyu, Arbachakov, Nazarov

Punching power - I like Tszyu here, almost has more KO's than the other guys have total fights

Speed - no contest, Arbachakov

Footwork - none of them are great - Arbachakov seemed most "effective" doing what he wanted to do (cut off the ring) but I have only seen a couple of his fights

Defense - none stands out, all would get hit to give hits - maybe Arbachakov shades this, he also seems to me - the 'cleanest' fighter of the group in terms of both technique and fouls, but I haven't seen a lot of him.

Chin - Tszyu is good, Arbachakov is very good, Nazarov was Iron

Heart - Nazarov shades this IMO - the title fight he lost by decision he lost an eye in the THIRD round and didn't quit

Resume -Arbachkov for me, heck, 1/2 his total fights are title fights! Tszyu has good scalps though...

Overall P4P - Arbachkov, Tszyu then Nazarov but they are all very close for me. I like Nazarov's heart, Tszyu's power and Arbachkov's speed and skills!
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