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Default Re: Rate these fighters: Tszyu, Arbachakov, Nazarov

Punching power

Tszyu and Nazarov with Arbachakov slightly behind likely due to his constant problems with his hands.


Arbachakov then Nazarov.Tszyu was average here.


Arbachakov, Nazarov, Tszyu

This was an area Kostya clearly neglected from his more technical Kalule-esque amatuer days


I'd need to rewatch some of Nazarov's fights here.Arbachakov better than Tszyu, and this was another area neglected by Kostya in favour of his seek and destroy powerpunching approach to the pro's.


Nazarov, Arbachakov,Tszyu

Not set in stone though as Nazarov might have shown more weakness against better fighters.


Arbachakov and Nazarov never showed any weakness in-ring here.Kostya not rematching cool vince sits ill with me and he obviously didn't have the same drive later in his career with all the injuries(whereas Arbachakov simply retired)


Arbachakov, Tszyu, Nazarov

I always liked Thobela, but the ******* was hardly ever in shape.


Arbachakov, Nazarov, Tszyu

Overall P4P

Arbachakov, Nazarov, Tszyu for me, but i only bother with head to head.Could be six and half a dozen between them depending on your criteria.Kostya had the best longevity.
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