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Originally Posted by fast hands View Post
So Anthony [sorry Briggzy ] you finally made it to ESB. Things must be desperate.
As you would know a couple of your mates , Flash and Ash were here quite some time back trying to drum up some support but no one was buying it. Serious boxing fans had had a gutfull after 6 or 7 years of you just ****ing around and taking the public for a ride.
There are a couple of deluded fans who stuck by you. TCBoxa who only recently came out of the closet and **** [ 20a87 ] who isn't really a boxing fan, just a bloke with an unhealthy infatuation with the Beige Superman.
It gets to the stage where even your best friends won't tell you that you're shot.
Here's a tip mate, " hang 'em up " don't embarrass yourself any longer.
I cringed all of the way through that, did you think when you were writing that post that you would be congratulated for being so funny or so witty?

It was really lame, difficult to quantify the exact level of lame but its bad.
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