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Default Re: My first fight - comment/slatings welcome!!

You get yourself into trouble when you cover up and let him punch. He gets brave because nothing is coming back, and you get hit with shots that you shouldn't, most likely because you didn't see them coming because you had your self blinded. Had you been able to see, you'd have seen a guy with his chin in the air, his feet parallel just waiting to get clocked. What was happening was, you didn't know how to close the distance, so you'd try a couple times, then stop and wait on him. He'd start punching and you'd square up and cover-up. Let me make a few suggestions.
If you don't know how, at this point, to get to taller, longer guys, make them come to you. What I would do, would be to get very sideways to your opponent, as far as your stance, give him nothing but your left shoulder. Get low, your weight well over your right leg, move forward slowly, but always shading to your right. You want to get around his lead (left) foot. This will get you into punching range in one of several ways.
First, you are low and jabbing to his body under his jab (your head outside his left arm) and stepping forward, he steps straight back. Back him to the ropes or into a corner, slide to your right, throw your right and a left hook. You are up close and punching from an angle, outside his lead arm, where he can't hit you.
Second, you're coming forward as described above. Now, he sees he has a bad angle. To get a better one, he has to take a large step to his left, then a large pivot in the same direction. This takes him directly into your right hand, right in front of you and right into range.
Third, you are coming forward as described above, and he can get a little bit with his jab, maybe the top of your head. He doesn't realize how bad his angle is and throws a right hand. Now if you are sideways to him, weight back and low, shading always to your right so that your head is outside his left arm, he has got to reach across his body with to throw his right hand. You take that last bit of a pivot to your right, just a hair, as he punches, and he's right there for a right hand.
It is a lot to read but, broken down, there is only one move to master. Pivot right and throw a right. That and being patient, moving slowly, like you have a plan, and making him wonder what he should do.
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