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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
October 9th at Lumpinee stadium rematch. THIS TIME IT"S FOR REAL!!!

October 9th, Lumpinee Stadium
Penek Sitnoomnoi vs Sam-A Kaiyanghadaogym
Superlek Wor.Sungprapai vs Muangthai Sor.Boongium
Kotee Sitnumkabuan vs Siangtong Sor.Suradej
Phetmuangchon Aikbangzai vs Vitayalek Jaroentumarak
Sam-D Petchyindeeacademy vs Jumong Aikbangzai
Sarawute Phithakpabhadiang vs Wanchana Or.Boonchuay
Yodkhunphol Silaemjaroen vs Ritidej Wor.Wanthavi
Mafias Sitsongpinong vs Nin Lookmakarmwan
Roylay Lamtanawat vs Phet-Opart Sitjepond
Ricky Sit Kor.Phon1996 vs Narongnoi Patanakarngym
Thought this might be interesting in the build-up to the Sam-A fight. A good insight into Sam-A for anyone into the Thai fight scene or new to it.


(By the way it's been made by Muaythaijournal, who have a new channel on YouTube that looks like it's gonna be THE epic Muay Thai channel so you all need to subscribe, this is the 2nd edition the first was on Pornsanae, brilliant stuff).

Off topic, but a bit of an interesting Muay Thai insight.
The bald guy that pops up in the advertisement for "Tocha Fight Wear" at the beginning is Paulo Tocha, he was the Thai boxer in the Van Damme movie Blood Sport. Anyone that reads the ATG thread will have heard me talk about him. Anyway he's was a regular at Sor Thanikul, the gym I used to train at in BKK and that footage of him doing the Wai Kru was filmed by me on a small VDO camera I had for a while back in the around the year 2000 in China Town in Bangkok, I was part of his entourage being form the same gym. It was Chinese New Year and they were doing a big fight promotion. Anyway Paulo he was about 41, too old to be fighting really, a mini celebrity in fight circles due to his Van Damme movies had the Thai media got interested in the fight hence he got abit carried away infornt of the cameras and managed to talk his way into a fight above his level considering his age, he was matched against a good strong fighter called Hollywoodnoi (you see the presser photo just before it), but Paulo was taken apart in two rounds. Anyway, he "borrowed" the tape form me and I never got it back, bloody cheek! Possibly worried about his rep if the US fight media got to see it, which treated Paulo like a god at that time.

Anyway for all the sceptics, here’s a couple photos in the direct lead up to that fight, maybe a month or so before.

The first is taken on the top seats in Rajadamnern Stadium after one of the gym's Thai fighters won his fight. The old man is Ajan Bueng the head trainer who also features in the above advertisement mentioned as paulo's “Master” in the photos & the gym footage, the kid Thai fighter is Tui Sor Thanikul, the guy in blue is me, then Paulo, then a great guy and top Swiss fighter at the time Dado and then a young Belgian fighter. We were all training out of Sor Thanikul at the time.

The second is Paulo and Khunsuk who although retired in this photo had been a channel 7 champion in his day and was then god trainer. This is in Sor Thanikul’s amazing trophy room, a true museum of Muay Thai greatness, look at all those beautiful Lumpini and Raja belts in the background…

Sorry that got waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy of topic!
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