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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by stormy0 View Post
I had noticed the lack of eyebrows and thought about him just coming back from being a monk.

The disparity in physical ability in this fight is super strong, especially considering what I'm used to seeing from Karuhat, especially.

Would you happen to have a link for their other fights, or know if they are available anywhere?
Man, there's gotta be some deep archives with amazing match ups/fights at the Thai broadcasting studios just waiting to be unearthed and shared.
I may have the previous fight on a One Songchai VCD, I'll be able to check this weekend at my mum's place where I have most of my One Songchai's stored. As with most of the Onesongchai stuff it won't be the whole fight probabaly the last 3 rounds. If I've got it I'll upload it onto my You Tube channel.

About the Thai archives, Yaca, Flea and I have mentioned this alot, but don't count on much of it surviving. This is a country that only upgraded to a computer immigration system in 2005 because the US bullied them into doing so!

Yaca, I'm not ignoring yourdoble ATG bad asses Lamnamoon & Kaensak posts I'm saving them for the weekend when I can get into them and enjoy them properly. Great to see it getting back to an ATG thread!
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