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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by MetalMandible View Post
01. Dominick Cruz- His style says it all. The guy does everything he can to avoid getting hit and when Faber managed to land flush he fell both times. He's talented and athletically gifted which may make him one of the few China Chinned fighters to sit at the top for awhile but make no mistake about it, he's harboring glass in that Mandible.

02. Edson Barboza- Ross Pearson is feather fisted and yet was able to put Barboza on the back foot every time he came forward and landed. When someone with more substantial power lands, this Jaw is getting busted.

03. Jake Shields- Hendo nearly shattered that disgraceful Chin until he gassed and GSP put forth no effort into doing so though it was there for the taking. Shields has no Chin and I think Ellenberger might expose it.

04. Brian Stann- He has no Chin and even Sonnen's pitty-patty GnP might expose it.

05. Evan Dunham- Blue-chip prospect for both his fighting talent AND his despicable Glass Jaw.

06. Michael Bisping- People will make the excuse that "that punch woulda KOed anybody" for his fight with Hendo and for once that vile phrase might be correct. However, he gets nailed with a right hand in most all of his fights and he's always hurt regardless of the quality of the punch or puncher. He will be exposed when the UFC decides to stop hyping him for the UK sheeple who gargle the ***** of anyone from their island that's halfway successful.

07. Phil Davis- His safety-first style and seeming panic whenever he's struck leads me to believe he's hiding some china in that Chin. It could be that he's utter trash standing but I get the feeling that this guy has no Chin. None.

08. Chad Mendes- Feather fisted Yahya landed on him a few times and stopped him in his tracks, so I imagine when a legitimate puncher connects he'll be doing the curly toes.

09. Erick Silva- From what I've seen in his early fights from Brazil, this kid has all the talent and none of the Mandibular Fortitude.

10. Jonathan Brookins- This guy has no Chin AND no defense. He's an accident waiting to happen.
Hmm, I really don't agree with what you said about Shields. However, please don't overlook their skills with their chin. Sometimes they won't have a good chin and there is really nothing to do about it. I would give Shields a moderate chin, not iron or glass. I'd replace Cruz and drop him to Shields rank with Andrei Arlovksi.
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