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Default Re: If Alan Rudkin had beaten Fighting Harada...

Originally Posted by Tin_Ribs View Post
Flea, I'll nick our kid's i-phone next I see him and have a butchers at that article. Look forward to it actually.

Agree that Rudkin would probably be a bit better suited to pinning Sakurai down going on his style and the success he had with types like Rose, McGowan, Caldwell etc. Good fight, that one - Sakurai was neat and really well honed. Rudkin had a couple of slips post-Olivares against Revie and Senin too, who were both lefties. He was pretty worn though by that time, and Senin in particular was meant to be a really good fighter. Remember Al saying that the old fella spoke quite highly of Senin, who I think retired to enter a monastery or something.

@ babaluma , I agree (again) with Flea that Rudkin was a notch above Graham, though I like Herol (who's a nice bloke). The wins over Caldwell, Ben Ali, McGowan (twice really), Esparza and the Rose fight nail it for me just about. I think I like Rudkin's effort vs Harada over Graham's McCallum effort too. Harada was greater than McCallum imo and at his peak, plus Rudkin was at a slight stylistic disadvantage and had to go to Tokyo to boot. Herol was cool though, best bodyslammer I've ever seen.

Flea, could you see Rose doing better against Olivares if he hadn't been a weight drained husk, even if he wasn't able to actually turn Olivares over? Massive, massive bantam, which like you said was never a problem for Rudkin.
I guess so. But kinda' like Larry Holmes being stopped by Tyson, it's like Rose was waiting for a guy with Olivares' properties to turn up and do a proper job on him where Chucho and Sakurai could only manage knockdowns (didn't Medel drop him as well pre-Rudkin in a non-title fight?)
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