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Default What's the ceiling for Stefan Struve?

He's young, huge, already more experienced in the UFC than many vets of the sport, and he's getting better and smarter fight by fight. He's fan-friendly, and it seems like he'll hang around in the UFC for probably another decade.

What do you think he is capable of?

* Will he win gold at some stage?

* Be a longtime high-level contender, get a title shot or two, but be turned away by the likes of JDS?

* A Kongo-style career gatekeeper, weeding out the real contenders from the wannabes but always losing the fight that would get him his big title shot?

* Or has he already maximized his ability, and a respectable career in the lower reaches of the top 10 (with a terrific resume by the end) is what lies ahead for the Skys****er?

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