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Default Re: What's the ceiling for Stefan Struve?

Its a really difficult question, my big worry with Struve is his frame, he's too long and slow, MMA is dynamic, the longer slower guys struggle with short compact dynamic movement, im firmly of the belief that if Miocic bulldozered in on Struve he would of flattened him Roy Nelson style

The small gloves and lack of protection is just too much of a hinderance for guys like Struve who like to plod and surgically pick out strikes, basically because there too slow to do anything else, i dont think he'll be a champion, that much i will say!!

As far his progression goes, he's getting better, definitely !!, in almost every aspect of his game the guy is improving, as long as he keeps improving he'll be relevant, he's fun to watch, always gets tagged and wobbled and is pretty skilled himself

Difficult to dislike Struve, but never going to be top of the pile IMHO
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