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Default Re: Rate these fighters: Tszyu, Arbachakov, Nazarov

Originally Posted by lora View Post
For me mostly just that i think Kittikassem, Sasakul better than anyone Tszyu beat imo.The rest of his challengers on much the same level as Kostya's.

Tszyu has some faded names and the bigger amount of decent\solid 2nd-tier and competent 3rd-tier types than Arbachakov, but i think Yuri's actually tended to be a bit more rounded\better schooled.

Tszyu was more dominant than Arbachakov comparing average performance against challengers, but there is the Cool Vince disaster, which Yuri avoided

I wouldn't argue much if anyone put Kostya ahead though.
That's a fair assessment, and I can see where you're coming from.

I don't think Sasakul and Kittikasem are significantly better than say Mitchell and Judah to offset Tszyu's depth of resume, myself. They are better, but not by much imo.

Tszyu's an interesting one, I think some of the lesser known fighters he beat were actually quite decent, and in some ways better than the bigger names like MAG, Ruelas, Hurtado, Rodriguez (especially at the time Tszyu fought them). I speak of guys like Hugo Pineda, Oktay Urkal, Hector Lopez, even Jan Bergman, who looked a decent sort until Tszyu poleaxed him.

The loss to Cool Vince is pretty damaging to Tszyu's legacy, but of course he offset that to a certain degree by hanging around longer than the others and taking some decent scalps.

Despite his one dimensionality for the better part of his pro career, I actually think Tszyu was more talented than the other two. Unfortunately, he probably left his best behind before he actually became a champion.
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