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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Nonsense. Liston was a pitbull himself. Ali was a brass band. Show me a dog that's not afraid of a brass band i'll show you a deaf dog.

You guys have this all wrong. Liston had been facing down pitbulls all his life, all his adult life, before he was an adult even.

A switchblade clown is what brought the fear out in him, not a pit-bull.
Well, I don't think Sonny feared BIG Cat, especially after Bob Satterfield KO'd Big Cat in I really dont think Sonny faced too many dangerous guys...Marty Marshall was no real banger and not until Leotis Martin did he fight a guy that showed him ***** to get off the deck and fight back...Sonny has the look,one of the best but for me he was lacking and when he KO'd the much dropped Patterson it was not a surprise and lets face it Floyd was like a deer in the headlights ...which are the wins that you feel were against the pit-bulls of his time

I see a bully much like Tyson,Foreman but Liston was probably the scariest looking of the 3 but I am not so impressed with who he beat.
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