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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Nonsense. Liston was a pitbull himself. Ali was a brass band. Show me a dog that's not afraid of a brass band i'll show you a deaf dog.

You guys have this all wrong. Liston had been facing down pitbulls all his life, all his adult life, before he was an adult even.

A switchblade clown is what brought the fear out in him, not a pit-bull.
Well, I don't think Sonny feared BIG Cat, especially after Bob Satterfield KO'd Big Cat in I really dont think Sonny faced too many dangerous guys...Marty Marshall was no real banger and not until Leotis Martin did he fight a guy that showed him balls to get off the deck and fight back...Sonny has the look,one of the best but for me he was lacking and when he KO'd the much dropped Patterson it was not a surprise and lets face it Floyd was like a deer in the headlights ...which are the wins that you feel were against the pit-bulls of his time

I see a bully much like Tyson,Foreman but Liston was probably the scariest looking of the 3 but I am not so impressed with who he beat.
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