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Default Re: Nineties heavyweights

Originally Posted by Stevie G View Post
Just a thought. A mixed bunch,were n't they ?

Lennox Lewis gets knocked out by a moderate fighter,Oliver McCall. McCall then gets taken to the verge of defeat by an ancient Larry Holmes. Michael Moorer gets sparked by an even more ancient George Foreman.

Could you envisage something like that happening in the seventies,for example ? Ancient versions of Foreman and Holmes even being competitive with,let alone winning,against their younger selves or Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier ?
I still think that 40 year old versions of Holmes and Foreman could have done well in the 70's, and an old George might still have beaten peak forms of Norton and Frazier. Old Holmes outboxes the Mercer and McCall comparables of the 70's. And neither Frazier nor Norton fair well in the 90's as it was an era loaded with large men who were big punchers.
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