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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

January 5, 1976

With the hopeful bout with Roberto Duran 'Up In Smoke', Ramiro Machado (Antonio Cervantes' Manager)
puts out 'feelers' through the WBA (World Boxing Association) offices in Panama.

The Skinny

Antonio Cervantes (age 30 going on 35), after 15 years of professional boxing and '10' successful WBA
Championship Defenses is looking to get out, and retire in 1976.

Kid Pambele, now living in Venezuela, has not returned to Colombia since leaving in October 1974 (15-months)
and his last '5-bouts' have been fought in outside countries.

WBA Officials, Dr. Eias Cordova and Rodrigo Sanchez put out a 'memo', to see if there any Fight Managers
and/or Promoters who are willing to make an 'offer', and 'play ball'.

The 'first offer' came in from Jakarta, Indonesia - where 'representatives' for the #8 WBA Light-Welterweight -
'undefeated' Wongso Suseno, and current OPBF Champion - make a 'paltry offer' of $75,000 for the Champion.
But within 'two-days' the offer is 'doubled', upped to $150,000.

The 'silent deal' is that Antonio Cervantes goes to Indonesia in March 1976, and loses 'Dumps the Championship'
to Wongso Suseno.

Then, so the fight promoter and boxer can make some money, the WBA will permit Wongso Suseno make a
'title defense' against a weak Challenger, but he must agree to give Antonio Cervantes a 'rematch' by the end
of 1976, and where the WBA dictates the bout to take place.

All parties agree, and the particulars have been approved by the WBA Officials.

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