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Default Re: Nineties heavyweights

Originally Posted by brnxhands View Post
nice. A buddy of mine fought a few of the 80's n 90's guys. He sparred a lot of them too. He swears bonecrusher smith hit way harder than tyson. was just sparring though so who knows
I probably know your buddy We were all pretty tight knit in that era.

Bonecrusher was just a LITTLE bit before me, so I never got in the ring with him to spar, but I here he did indeed hit like a truck.

I've heard from many people that Tysons power was actually grossly exaggerated , but it was his speed that was lethal, and never gets talked about.

I'd tend to agree. I can tell you George Foreman and Lennox Lewis hit harder, blunt force, then the Klitschkos, but Wladimir Klitschko is the guy whose punches I'd consider it harder to ship. Tyson's shots would have been incredible difficult to see coming; So tight, so blazing fast.

Wlad Klitschko's right hand, behind his jab? Power is irrelevant, that kind of punch. Its just perfectly thrown.
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