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Default Re: Nineties heavyweights

Originally Posted by devon View Post
And in terms of quality fights The 90's arent even remotely close the only big great fights were the Holyfield-Bowe trilogy .The 70's had FOTC,Thrilla in Manilla,Norton-Holmes,Foreman-Lyle,and the Rumble in The Jungle.
FOTC was great.

Thrilla in Manilla was two shot former greats trying to figure out who was less shot. It is shocking how dissipated both fighters look when compared to the first fight. Norton-Holmes was decent but a bit of a let down from earlier in the decade. And I've seen more science in bum fights than in Foreman-Lyle.

The 90's had the Bowe-Holyfield trilogy (a better trilogy than Ali-Frazier IMO), Tyson-Douglas, the Tyson-Ruddock series, Tyson-Holyfield I & II. Dynamite action packed shoot-outs like Moorer-Cooper and Tua-Ibeabuchi. The great Lennox Lewis had some of the best fights of his career, title and non-title. It was stacked with power punchers, a depth unrivalled by any other era: Lewis, Ruddock, Tyson, Morrison, Foreman, Tua, Moorer, McCall, Bruno, Briggs, Sanders, Ibeabuchi...
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