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Default Re: Khan & Kell Brook on Ringside.

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
This is the biggest mis conception right now in world boxing!!, infact its worse than that, its a plain and simple cop out!! Khan was flattened by Danny Garcia because fundamentally he cannot box defensively, and im not referring to his ability to run around the ring with his hands up, im talking about basic defensive counter measures that boxers learn and drill day in day out, rolling, slipping,counter roll, lay counter, moving off on angles, rolling in and out of combination punching!!! none of which Khan does, hence he got clobbered and KO'd again

Yes he stands and fights, but so does every God dam boxer in the world, its not like he rushes in looking for a tear up is it???, the kid cannot fight inside and cannot defend, its a flaw in his game that at this stage cannot be corrected, its an art, a science, you cannot just decide one day, hey im gonna be Pernel Whittaker by this time in 3 months because im going to practice every day, it takes years

Khan got walloped because he's flawed, he was beaten to the shot by the better fighter on the night and his chin didnt stand up to the test, its as plain and as simple as that

We got caught, we were winning the fight until we got caught, we know we can take the shots we were taking them in sparring !!!!!! **** off Amir! we we we we bull ****, reconstruct your game, lose the cling ons, lose the ego, lose the delusion and come back a better fighter
Who are you mate..? Do you box then, have you had afew amateur fights...?

Do you think you are a better boxer than Amir Khan..? Pipe down you no mark.

You are making out that Amir Khan cannot box at all, THAT! is the biggest misconception in the entire sport of boxing at the moment.

Amir Khan was stopped on his feet in his last fight, because he was caught with a good shot that he didn't see, and he made the situation worse for himself by deciding to trade punches....It happens! You have made no great technical discovery.

And Amir Khan can box, i have seen him slip punches! I have seen him moving off on angles! What the **** are you on about.

Don't even ****ing reply to me.

What's with these boxing geniuses online here...? What fighters are you training..? What have you done..?
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