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Default Re: What's the ceiling for Stefan Struve?

Originally Posted by UnleashtheFURY View Post
Struve is only 24. in 4-5 more years a lot of the names we've come accustomed to will be long gone. Struve will likely still be there, and will be a lot better. potential champion for sure.
Originally Posted by UnleashtheFURY View Post
A lot of the top HW guys are getting up there in age, Struve is already good enough to give most of them a good fight. in 4-5 years a lot of the guys in the top 10 will either be retired or washed up, and I don't see any signs of the HW division growing or getting any better. HW will be a lot worse in a couple of years once the top guys retire.
You have heard the term's evolution and expansion right ?

Well MMA is doing both, far more rapidly than any other contact sport in the world, the new replace the old, and what were finding out is that the new come better and more prepared than the old, and the old are being replaced when there not really that old

Anyway ................. enough riddles

I have to disagree with the theory thats its simply a waiting game for Struve because dos Santos, Overeem, Velasquez and Cormier will not be around for much longer

I mean thats very very short sighted of you to state that

To be a champion in todays MMA, you have to be Elite, Struve has shown no signs that he will become Elite thus far in my humble opinion , the Elite of the division would all despatch Struve inside 5 minutes i have no doubt about that
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