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Default Re: What's the ceiling for Stefan Struve?

Originally Posted by coog View Post
Heavyweights seem to about striking he seems to be a good grappler and he does have a kickboxing background. he needs to concentrate more on his boxing. jab more consistantly and follow up with his right simple he could be good.
Yeah he definitely needs to use his height more. His main problem I think is that he just naturally loves to brawl. It's good that he's a natural fighter, but that in-your-face brawling mindset works a lot better when you're a short stocky pitbull than it does when you're a lanky 7 footer with a questionable chin. He's now showing signs of being more serious and getting more intelligent in the cage though.

What I love about Struve is his aggression and killer instinct. There are no half-measures with this guy. He's kill or be killed. If he shakes you with a punch, he is IMMEDIATELY on you like stink on ****, looking to end it right there. If he's on the ground with you, he's constantly looking for submissions, and he grabs them with speed and decisiveness.

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