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Default Re: Has Jon Jones quite reached his prime yet, or is he still pre-prime?

Originally Posted by thejokerswild View Post
His biggest gain is his physical size mixed with the athleticism. It seems he is peaking for LHW, also his game is getting noticeably more conservative probably preparing for a move to HW soon where his physical size won't be much of a presence for the likes of JDS and Velazquez.
Yeah I think this must be the most dominant phase of his career, (surely......) but maybe I should use the phrase "reached his peak" rather than "reached his prime."

I don't see the hurry for him to move up to heavy anyway. He still seems to make weight easily. If he waits a full four years to do it, he'll be 29 and time will still be on his side. Meanwhile he'll have racked up at least 10 LHW fights, be MMA's #1 LHW GOAT, and most likely be approaching or exceeding Anderson's UFC title defence record. ****, he's almost halfway there right now.

Originally Posted by thejokerswild View Post
One thing I want to add with Jon Jones, he is not some invincible fighter some want to play him out to be. When I see him fight there is an extremely talented but vulnerable fighter. The pressure must be high for jones to keep the streak going.
Yeah he's human like anyone else, and Belfort showed that he can be suddenly and decisively beaten.

He does seem like the kind of guy who thrives on pressure though. His fights with Bader and Shogun showed that. He sincerely believes that he is destined to be MMA's #1, and he does seem legitimately relaxed, confident and happy in the cage.

Completely agree that he's flawed though. But he does - still - have a lot of room for improvement, both physically and technique-wise. I reckon his biggest concern might be jumping up to HW too soon. IMO there's no rush for him to do it. He can spend three or four years at LHW and I won't hate on him for it.

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