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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
He beat armed policemen, prisoners, steet-hoodlums, a world heavyweight champion, top contenders so on and so forth. There is ONE occasion where he - arguably - was out-psyched or intimidated and that was against Ali -- not in the pitbull mould.

I say that Marciano is perfect for Liston from a psychological viewpoint. A tough ******* who wants to take his head off. Liston has been dealing with men like this since he was a child. He understands this. He has never been found wanting in this type of situation to our knowledge, in a life spent fighting in one way or another.

It's a huge leap to say Liston would be intimidated by a smaller man whose type he had been dealing with since his ***** dropped.

I think the size thing matter to you, the thing that would bother Sonny as it did with Tyson is fighting a man with no fear. The Ali fight was unique as you say but even though he was older I think when he dropped Leotis Martin and Martin got up and went at Sonny hard, Martin got the KO...I am not so sure Sonny fought so many that were not intimidated of him.

The Tyson comparison is when Holyfield who a few months later struggled to stop Bobby Cyz showed Tyson no fear and caused him to fizzle

I think fighting a man with true heart and no quit makes a difference...Ali showed it differently but he like Marciano had a unique quality....Heart and strength of mind.

I am not sold on Sonny by virtue of what I saw against that unique fighter with the extra heart and strength of mind.
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