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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis View Post
I think the size thing matter to you, the thing that would bother Sonny as it did with Tyson is fighting a man with no fear.
So your suposition is that in years of professional prize-fighting, prison-fighting, cop-baiting, muggings, collections, Liston never tangled with a man who did not fear him and won?

I say Patterson didn't fear him in 2, Williams didn't fear him in 1, Machen clearly didn't fear him, watch the fight, what evidence have you that Folley or Whitehurst seasoned professional heavyweight battlers, "feared" him? That they were scared? Why do you believe this?

And if you don't believe this (and it seems incredible that you would) where is the evidence that their not fearing him "bothered" Liston?

Sorry, but this is one of the most irritating and oft repeated cliches in boxing. What makes it true of Tyson?? Bruno was ready to kill him in that first fight, during their stare down it was Mike who looked uncomfortable, Frank looked like a stone-cold killer.


These are professional heavyweight champions, not small-beer local-tavern bullies. You need to rethink that Bummy. Repeating stuff like this is for children posting in General, not for seasoned Classic veterans.

The Tyson comparison is when Holyfield who a few months later struggled to stop Bobby Cyz showed Tyson no fear and caused him to fizzle
Tyson's career is a litany of boxing-corpses of men who "showed no fear". Please, this is ridiculous. Genuinely frightened - intimidated, I suppose that is what you are trying to say - prizefighters rarely win matches, regardless of the opposition.

I can't help but be disappointed by your post.
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