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Default Re: What's the Difference With These Types of Headgear?

^I'd feel kinda like a douche bag showing up to a white collar boxing match for n00bs with Cleto Reyes or Winning gear.

All the facebar heagear I've seen in Korea cost roughly $150-200 for decent ones, and the only choices I have are Adidas, Everlast, or Korean brands. Imported brands cost a lot more here than they do in the US or elsewhere, but for some reason Everlast headgear is slightly cheaper than the Korean brands. I actually did see a Korean brand selling facebar headgear for $80, but even among the Korean brands its a no-name brand.

Has anyone used, or even seen, this model from Everlast before (EL Pro)?

For some reason I can only find this model for sale on Korean sites. It costs roughly $155.

It looks similar to the Safemax Pro headgear, but the Safemax is lace up in the back and I noticed the material on the inside is different. The one on top is velco. The Safemax I guess is a Winning knockoff and I've read mixed reviews about it.

Safemax Pro:

So just to recap, my choices for my fight are:
a) use my cheap Korean brand cheek-protector headgear I already have
b) buy the Everlast EL Pro headgear for $155
c) pay a little more for the best Korean brand headgear and hope its better than Everlast
d) pay a little less for lesser-known Korean brand headgear and hope its better than the one I already have
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