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Default Re: 'Compassionate Cassius Clay, To Give Big Cat A Chance'

November 1965

Cleveland Williams got 'approval' from his Doctors that he could resume training, after
taking nearly 1-year off from his near crippling injury, and seeing his weight drop to down
to 160 lbs.

The 'Big Cat' was now at 218 lbs., and started off by chopping wood and tossing hay bales,
to build up his stamina and upper-body muscle strength.

He still had partial paralysis in his right hip, and had his wounded right kidney removed by
Houston Doctors on June 22, 1965.

February 8, 1966

Cleveland Williams came back after 15-months, and scored a (KO 1) over 'Big Ben' Black.

Cleveland at 214 lbs. scored a knockout victory, but he was nearly knocked out in the opening
moments of the 1st-Round, when the 6' 4" 233 lb. 24 year-old Chicago Heavyweight - 'Big Ben' Black,
nailed Cleveland with a monster right-hand, that rocked him back into the ropes, and had him
out on his feet.

As Black plowed forward to finish off the 'Big Cat', he started wailing away with wide-swinging hooks,
leaving himself open. When suddently, Cleveland unloaded with a perfectly timed left hook to the chin
of 'Big Ben', who crashed to the canvas, only to be counted out.

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