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Default Re: Nineties heavyweights

Originally Posted by Stevie G View Post
What top contenders could you imagine the old incarnations of Foreman and Holmes beating in the seventies ? I can't see them doing anything but lose against -

Muhammad Ali
Joe Frazier
Ken Norton
Young George Foreman
Young Larry Holmes
Jimmy Young

Maybe they'd have a shot against Ron Lyle,Jerry Quarry and Earnie Shavers,but I can's say with any degree of certainty.
I think an old Foreman could still probably get to Norton, and I think his IQ would let him beat Shavers. He might even do better against Young than the younger version of himself would, due to taking a more balanced approach and not being screwy in the head.

The older version of Holmes would quite certainly beat guys like Quarry, Bugner, possibly Shavers, and would at the leats give a decent accounting of himself against some others like Young, if not win outright.
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