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Default Re: Baysangurov/Konecny - Saturday - good fight

Originally Posted by hoopsman View Post
How do you rate Konecny vs some of the more well known 154lbers out there? Is this kid world class? I've never seen him other than a few YouTube blurbs, and while many clowns on here believe that's sufficient to rate a fighter, I don't.

In other words, would Konecny be competitive against the brass of the division??
Well, JMW is a strange division in that you have on the one hand some of the sport's elite (Mayweather, Cotto, Canelo) and then some decent fighters (Trout, Molina, Lara) and then some absolute no-marks (K9, Baysangurov, current Spinks, current Cintron) in the championship mix (that is, either holding titles or high up in contention).

He can definitely hang with the no-marks. The top half a dozen or so most talented guys in the division beat him pretty easily, and the next half dozen are close to 50-50.
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