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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

Saturday Night - March 6, 1979

Hiram Bithorn Stadium - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Attendance; 17,000+

Wilfred Benitez wins a 15-Round 'Split-Decision' over WBA Light-Welterweight
Champion - Antonio 'Kid Pambele' Cervantes.

The Champion, an experienced veteran who many feel is one the best fighters in
the World, fought a 'conspicuously' lackadasical fight. The Champion did not show his
'spear-like' left jab, and hardly threw his dangerous 'skin-slashing' upper-cuts.

The bout was 'very dull', and the Challenger did score with light-punches, but they
did not carry any power at all.

Many of the rounds were close, as each fighter neutralized each other with a defensive
minded, passive attack.

Many of the Champion's supporters, were not sure what they were witnessing, as
'Kid Pambele' never fired off his quick combinations, and seemed content to go at
a slow-pace, almost like he was carrying the Challenger. Not one solid blow was landed
by either fighter.

Referee, Isaac Hererra (Panama)..............147-142 (8-3-4 in Rounds) Wilfred Benitez
Judge, Jesus Celis (Venezuela).................147-145 (5-3-7 in Rounds) Antonio Cervantes
Judge, Roberto Ramirez, Sr. (Puerto Rico)...148-144 (6-2-7 in Rounds) Wilfred Benitez

The Associated Press..............................147-145 (5-3-7 in Rounds) Antonio Cervantes
Caribbean Press..................................... 146-146 (4-4-7 in Rounds) Draw

The Champion - Antonio Cervantes made no statement as he left the ring. In his dressing
room though, he stated that he had intended to retire after this bout, and would not fight again.

Ramiro Machado - 'Kid Pambele' took this kid too lightly. He did not fight hard in the first half of
the bout, and he gave away too many of those early rounds. Also, Antonio did not train
properly for this bout, as he was not motivated. He has been fighting for a long time, and he is tired.
I'm sure he will win the rematch, when and if he wants to continue.'

Roberto Pagan, 'It was pretty obvious that Antonio Cervantes had not 'one' intention of trying to hurt this kid.
He fought him like he was his relative. And Wilfred, he is a soft-hitting boxer who has no punch. Just how did
he score '20' knockouts in his previous '25 bouts. I'd like to take a look at his opponent list again, because I
wonder if he fought anybody who was alive.'

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