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Default Re: Adrian Hernandez vs. Kompayak Porpramook II

Their first fight was a war and legit '11 FOTY candidate. One can only hope the same here...

I'm torn. I'm a Hernandez fan for sure, but Porpramook pretty decisively handled him. It's not as though Hernandez was in control then gassed, he gassed because Porpramook was in the pocket the whole fight winging body hooks that clearly indicated the result to anyone who was watching live without a bias or previous knowledge of the fighters' resume/capabilities.

That said, I think homefield advantage will play a huge role, from Thailand to Mexico. Plus, Porpramook deserved a TD Draw with "little heralded" Taconing, who got the better of Porpramook in their abreviated fight.

I'll go all in, 300, on Hernandez.
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