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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

March 10, 1976

It was 'obvious' to many, that Antiono Cervantes 'Dumped the Championship', and that some
back-room deal was cut.

Following Wilfred Benitez' 'tainted' victory over a 'conspicuously lethargic' Antonio Cervantes.

According to the 'back room deal' agreed upon by Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez.

Wilfred Benitez will defend his WBA Light-Welterweight Crown in Puerto Rico, as
not to disturb the young 17 1/2 year-old's life, for at least the first 'two' defenses.

As per the previous agreement, Wilfred Benitez will make his 'first defense' within
90-Days versus #4 WBA-ranked - Emiliano Villa, a Colombian fighter who is co-managed
by Ramiro Machado.

That bout, will be held in Puerto Rico also, and Emiliano Villa will suprisingly receive
the same exact fight purse as the Champion. This was the 'deal' that Gregorio 'Papa'
Benitez agreed upon, to get the WBA Light-Welterweight Championship.

After that bout (to be held on May 31, 1976), Wilfred may have one 'option title defense'
against anyone he chooses in the WBA Top 10.

Sneaking in the game, is Argentinian Tito Lecture, who offers Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez to come
to Argentina, to defend the Championship versus former Champion - Nicolino Locche in
late-June 1976. Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez at first agrees, but changes his mind, as he does not
want to risk his son's 'valuable' Championship in Argentina, against the 36 year-old, but still
cagey Nicolino.

Later, Wilfred will make his '2nd-Defense' versus Massachussets 'club-fighter' Tony Petronelli,
who will be ranked as the #10 WBA Light-Welterweight. That bout will eventually be held on
October 16, 1976 - and also in Puerto Rico.

Following his 'optional title defense', Wilfred then must make his next defense versus
the #1 WBA Challenger, Antonio Cervantes, and within 60-Days after the 'optional defense'.

That bout, will most likely be held in Venezuela, Antonio Cervantes' new home (as per the previous
agreement in January 1976), and scheduled for Sunday - December 5, 1976.

But Wilfred Benitez will get in a car accident in early-November 1976, and Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez will
ask the WBA for an extension, as Wilfred has suffered lacerations and bruises to his body.

The WBA will permit only a 30-Day 'temporary' extension, but wants to have a WBA Representative
check out Wilfred, to make sure the claim of an injury is legitimate. But Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez
postpones the meeting, and stalls the WBA, asking for an additional 60-Day extension, to push the
bout off to February 1977.

The WBA informs Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez that his son Wilfred will be stripped of his WBA Championship,
and the Title will be declared 'vacant', on January 5, 1977.

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