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Default Re: What's the ceiling for Stefan Struve?

Originally Posted by kokoko View Post
Potential Champion is one of the options in the poll you dumb ****. Usually when you make polls, you make a wide range of choices and then let people pick accordingly.
He really is thick as three day old pig****, isn't he?

* Doesn't have a clue what the term "aggressive killer instinct" means. Somehow thinks that it means a combination of "how good are you" and "how good is your resume."

* Thinks he can mock me for simply ASKING if others think that Struve could potentially (as opposed to will inevitably - another distinction that he's too stupid to comprehend) become a champion. Tries to mock me for simply asking the question, even though more than 1/3rd of the voters call him a potential champion.

* Doesn't understand that Struve would be a very marketable, fan-friendly, popular beltholder based off his appearance, fighting style and outgoing personality. Apparently thinks that to even mention that is to crown Struve the destined king-in-waiting.

I mean, what do you say to guys like this? Well, you can say a lot I guess. Just make sure that it's all words of two syllables or less.

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