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Default Re: Chris Eubank: I was better than Roy Jones Jnr!

Originally Posted by atberry View Post
Jones badly struggled with Malinga's defense before his dramatic feinting and amateurish leap shot bailed him out (speed and power, no skill)...he also struggled with Thornton's defense when he had him on the ropes (due to Thornton's shoulder injury), hardly any of that 20-shot flurry of punches landed on Thornton; Eubank landed at will on Thornton.

No doubt Eubank was a lot slicker than Jones. But as I admit above, Jones did have speed, power and naturally gifted athletic talent he was born with.
I guess we will have to disagree on what we see as "skill"

The ability to hit and not be hit, is skill to me, it may not always be textbook, but it is the definition of skill when it comes to boxing.. And Jones was the master of it.

John Lennon was a great song writer, there were many more "skilled" musicians, that cant write as good a song.... Some things are just natural, some people are just great at what they do...
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