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Default Re: Old Clip of Inoki losing Temper and Kicking Someone's Ass

This is the story behind it.

#5. Antonio Inoki vs. The Great Antonio

On December 8, 1977, famous Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki fought a much bigger, hairier guy also named Antonio. He was a Croatian-Canadian who called himself the Great Antonio because apparently the defining features of greatness are hobo facial hair and D-cup breasts.

By that definition, Taft was America's greatest president.
He built a career as a strongman pulling city buses and airplanes across the tarmac, but he hadn't done much professional wrestling. Without knowing much about the guy, Inoki still agreed to a match, likely thinking, "How hard can it be to out-wrestle a fat guy in a rolled-down April O'Neil jumpsuit?"
Before the match, they agreed that the advantage would swing between the fighters for awhile, but Inoki would ultimately come out on top. It was, after all, in Japan, and the home crowd wanted to see Inoki destroy this sloppy Western villain. The Great Antonio was more than willing to play the antagonist in the bout -- he was so eager, in fact, that he antagonized Inoki into actually beating the **** out of him.


Antonio Inoki, seen here dressed as Che Guevara for some reason.
When It Got Real
While strength, dexterity and a fancy finishing move are all important to professional wrestling, the primary ingredient is acting -- you have to know how to throw yourself across the ring even though your opponent only nudged you. But about two minutes into the match, the Great Antonio made it very clear that he wasn't going to be doing any of that.
In fact, you can almost see the moment when he realizes, "Wait a minute, only one of us has 'The Great' in front of his name. I should be winning." So when Inoki threw a kick at him, instead of "selling" the move (that is, stumbling backward as if he'd been hit with a real blow), he just stood there. In other words, he basically just told the crowd, "See? All of this is fake."

Except the gut. 1970s special effects couldn't fake that.
This technique is also known as "completely defeating the purpose of professional wrestling." The video, and the ugly result, is amazing:

As you can see, Inoki tried to keep the match moving along. He continued to flop around as though he was actually locked in a vicious battle with the dozy buffalo standing still in the middle of the ring. But Inoki started to lose his temper.
Finally, the Great Antonio lumbered in for the kill, clubbing Inoki in the chest and the neck as hard as he could with one of his ham-sized arms. Inoki patiently accepted the blows and then carefully explained to the Great Antonio that they weren't playing anymore, in the language of fists.

The Great Antonio responded in the language of Jell-O.
After striking Antonio six or seven times in the face, Inoki grabbed one of his tree trunk legs and dropped him to the ground. As the Great Antonio clumsily tried to get his 350 pounds back up on two pudgy feet, Inoki took his time walking around the whale of a man and proceeded to stomp the **** out of his head for what seemed like 7,000 blows too many.

Head-stomping is like running. Sometimes you just get lost in the zone.
Once Inoki was certain that the Great Antonio was successfully beached, he finally lost interest and wandered away. The Great Antonio lay bleeding on the mat, perhaps thinking about what happens when you violate the one rule on which all professional wrestling hinges, or maybe just cake. Probably cake.

Brain damage makes him hungry.
Strangely, this was only the second most ridiculous match of Antonio Inoki's career ...

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